How to avoid wasting $1500 on a Wooden Swing Set

Pictures of Swing Sets on the internet often look bigger than they actually are.

If you are not careful your kids will outgrow these sets after 4 or 5 years

To avoid having to buy another play set in a few years. Shop as if you kids are already 9 or 10 years old

3 year-olds weigh about 25lbs each – 2 of them = 50lbs - no problem

10 year-olds weigh about 85lbs each – 2 of them = 170lbs - big problem

Watch the short video below. It shows a highly rated popular internet set that sells for around $1000 and costs around $500 to have someone install it. The demonstrator weighs 175 lbs.


Prices ranging from $1,999 to $40,799



Remember when you were a kid?

You thought if you could swing high enough, you could reach up and touch the sky. Your child’s same happy memories can begin right in your own backyard with Rainbow outdoor swing sets, wooden swing sets and swings.

Does your child love to climb, run, jump and swing? Then The Castle style with its open play areas and activity-based design will be the perfect fit.

Or perhaps, your child is more drawn to imaginative play? Then The Clubhouse style with its fort, picnic area, playhouse, sandbox and general store options will be ideal.

Both styles offer unique features that make it easier for you to choose the right one to suit your family.

Imaginations can run wild on our beautiful, 100% cedar playgrounds

Today, your child will go to the moon. Tomorrow, your child will go to the centre ring of the circus. Last week, they were sailing the seven seas. With their imagination and Rainbow Sing Sets, there are no limits to where they can go!


See it in person before you buy

Quality and size are very difficult to judge online. Often swing sets that appear HUGE in online photographs are very small in person. The same goes for quality - what looked nice in that photo may look not so nice in person. Click to view the Comparison Shop

Lifetime Warranty

Warranties speak to the quality of the product. Rainbow's have a Lifetime warranty. You can't do better than that! Most companies offer short 5-10 or even 1 year pro-rated warranties Click to view the full Rainbow Direct Warranty Information.

Never Outgrow a Rainbow

Many swing sets that people look at online or on the shelf at the bargain-priced retailers may look , but when you see it in person, it is often much smaller than you thought and poorly built. Rainbows are built to grow with your child because you can add new components as your child grows!

Rainbow Swing Sets Feature the Finest Quality Construction. Period.

Watch out for thin boards or small boards glued or bolted together to make larger ones. They don't last! Rainbow uses massive 4"x4" and 4"x6" solid wood construction and huge carriage bolts to create swing sets that are built for kids but strong enough for mom and dad to play on for years and years to come. When in doubt check the overall weight of the swing set. We proudly show our shipping weights because Rainbows often weigh over twice as much as similar looking swing sets! Rainbow Swing Sets Feature the Finest Quality Construction. Period.